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Water Quality Control Laboratories

The DEYAL laboratories are the best organized, modern and reliable in the water supply sector, and at least equivalent to any other similar laboratories in Greece.

The chemical laboratory started to operate in 1975. Today it has created a modern Water Quality Control Laboratory, aiming at becoming an exemplary laboratory in Greece.

The microbiological laboratory started to operate in 1983. Today it is fully equipped and can identify contamination indexes such as: coliform bacteria, enterococci, total airborne bacteria, etc.

Thanks to the significant financial support of the KPS, DEYAL managed to create a modern Water Quality Control Laboratory in a very short time, with the aim to make it an Exemplary Laboratory in Greece.

The Laboratory has:

  • Modern infrastructure.
  • Instruments for water analysis.
  • Consumables for all kinds of traditional analyses.
  • A big movable chemistry for various on site analyses.

The laboratories apply modern methods of sampling, codification and traceability of the samples, to enable the objective results of the measurements and their processing with statistical methods.

The important work of the DEYAL laboratories has been acknowledged by the state.

Thus, in 1992, when the Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works (YPEHODE) designed the "National Network for Monitoring the Greek Surface Waters", the DEYAL laboratories, which were the only laboratories that did not belong to the state, were included from the beginning as the "Regional Laboratory of the Thessalian Water District".

The laboratories of DEYAL are certified by ELOT according to ΕΝ ISO 9002 No.02.35.03/779 and ISO:9001 :2000 – No. 02.35.03/778.

ISO EN 17025
ISO 9001 2015

Find out about the water you drink

δευαλ εργαστηρια

The scope of the system is the sampling, as well as the physiochemical and microbiological analyses.

The laboratory of DEYAL is the first certified laboratory in this sector in Greece.

The next target of the DEYAL laboratory is the "Accreditation of the Water Quality Control Laboratory according to ELOT ΕΝ ISO 17025". The whole procedure is in progress.

It is a quality certificate that will make the laboratory of DEYAL one of the most reliable ones in Europe, since the analyses will be accepted in all the EU countries.

The accreditation of the laboratory is mandatory, since in the future, the analyses for the determination of the water quality will be valid only if they have been conducted in accredited laboratories.

Currently, upon project award contracts, the microbiological and chemical tests conducted by DEYAL at regular intervals serve many municipalities in our region.

The quality control of the potable water, which falls under the competence of DEYAL, is an everyday process, starting from the source and ending when the water reaches the consumer. The control is conducted with state of the art equipment and in accordance with the applicable Sanitary provisions.

δευαλ εργαστηρια

DEYAL always has as its main goal the provision of water resources and the supply of healthy water. DEYAL achieved this goal in the best possible way.

The water that flows in the taps of Larissa is of excellent quality, DEYAL solves every water supply problem.


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